Thursday, 21 September 2017

Voice Training Tips to Become a Good Singer

Do you own a good voice?

And can sing with ease then attend the Karaoke competition once.

Well, if you could sing passionately and win the hearts of audience then you need not continue to read this article. Instead, if you have a good voice but lack in practice, here are the tips.

If your answer is “YES” for below questions then undoubtedly you are a good singer or else equip yourself.

Ø     Is Your Singing Posture Correct?

Ø     Are you focusing on Correct Breathing Technique?

Ø     Do You Know Perfect Voice Range That Suits You Well?

Ø     Are You Doing Voice Training on Regular Basis?

Why Is Singing Posture Important?

Mostly, voice training experts suggest their students to stand while singing, instead of sitting. By standing, one can achieve the best sound while singing. Secondly, your head must head-up that in-line with your shoulders. You must feel relaxed on singing practice as stress gives negative impact on voice muscles.

Here are Breathing Techniques:

To show betterment in singing, you must follow certain breathing techniques given by voice training experts.

1.    It is good to breathe through the chest and not from the stomach. This gives better voice control. To ensure that you are singing correctly, keep your hands on stomach & push it out while singing. Your stomach must expand while you inhale.

2.    This simple breathing exercise will help you out. Rest your back on the floor by keeping hands on stomach. Raise your hands while inhaling & lower it while exhaling. Follow the same practice while singing too.

How to find out your voice range?

Usually, best singers analyze their voice range and adhere to it. You may feel comfortable singing in one or more vocal range. But one voice range suits you well. To find the range, start singing from the top pitch and gradually lower the scale to low notes. You can find out the notes that you can hit. Secondly, play piano notes while singing to compare pitch along with piano notes. Voice experts in  singing classes guide you to find the right pitch.

Get Ready to Practice Singing on Daily Basis:

Practice is one simple technique by which you can become a better singer. If you find difficult to practice daily by yourself, go ahead and find the best voice training coach who helps you with singing techniques.

Here are few additional tips that you must concentrate on:

§  Practicing warm-ups & tongue trills before singing is good practice.

§  Do not feel dehydrated while singing. Consume enough amount of water to lubricate your vocal chords.

§  Clarify your doubts on pitch, clarity etc. Utilize the singing classes to the core

§  Healthy food habit is essential before singing. Do you wonder why? It is because spicy or sugary foods will irritate your throat & minimize the pitch clarity. It creates a cracking effect while singing.

Coming to the end, though the regular practice is must, limit the time duration to an hour. Extended singing practice will also strain your voice. Hope these tips might be helpful for you to become a good singer.

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