Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Like To Have Fun While Learning Keyboard?

Most of us love to hear music, but we rarely consider the possibility of making music ourselves. Playing music promotes brain health. Learning an instrument is a great way to reduce your stress. Though there are many instruments to play, piano or keyboard are popular as music instruments. Piano is known for its simplicity, versatility and beauty of its sound.

Playing keyboard or piano is not only entertaining, but also a great exercise for your brain. Practicing the keyboard notes can keep you mentally fit. Here we are going to see some tips for making the keyboardclasses learning a fun activity so that music classes are enjoyable for your children.

  If your children feel playing the notes is ’work’, help them to imagine the piano or keyboard as a toy. This could be a positive way to keep them involved in keyboard classes.

  Encourage your children with rewards for playing piano. For example instead of saying ‘practice for 30 minutes’, tell them ‘ if you play for 30 minutes without any mistakes you will be rewarded with a surprising gift’. This will motivate your child. They will feel enthusiastic to practice at home and progress well in keyboard classes.

  On most instruments like digital pianos and electronic keyboards there is an option for recording the notes. By recording the played notes and playing it back, you can make the keyboard classes learning a fun thing.

  Most of the children love smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of this and use apps for practicing keyboard notes. Free mobile apps are available on iOS and Android platforms for fun learning. This will give a positive impact on learning piano.

   Make them play the piano along with a song. This will allow your children’s keyboard classes to include a fun filled element. This activity not only improves the practicing part but also enhances the listening skills of you children.

  First play scales to your children and make them hear. Play wrong notes or make mistakes and see whether they realize them and also look for their confidence level. If they find out the mistake gift them with small rewards to motivate them.

  When your child feels the keyboard classes are getting monotonous, introduce games to make the learning more fun and enjoyable. Timed games will improve the speed of playing.

  Listen to their taste of music or their favorite song. Make them play their favorites on the piano. This will make their music classes learning more enjoyable. They will start loving their keyboard classes and practice their desired songs.

So here are just a few ways to keep your young ones keep engaged in keyboard classes learning. Help them to find ways which will make them love their learning. With introduction of kids’ tablets and e-books you can change the mood of your children from boring learning methods to interesting practice patterns. Learning music is really fun with some diligence and patience. You can certainly make it really effective. Embrace the journey with confidence and continue with a sense of joy and accomplishment.

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